Supreme Goddess
1 Sleeper (XL)
3 Full Moon (L)
2 New Moon (M)
2 Elemental Long

Goddess (Average)
1 Full Moon (L)
3 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Elemental

Maiden (Petite)
1 New Moon (M)
3 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental
Trial Packs
Bundled Sets
Bundled sets make buying easy and economical.
Heavy (Tall/Plus)
1 Sleeper (XL)
1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)

Regular (Average)
1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)

Light (Petite )
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)
1 Maiden (XS)

Trial Packs are 
a great way to 
test out several different sizes to see what works best for your specific needs before investing 
in a full stash.
Maiden / Goddess Bundles Starter Sets
2 Ultra Sleeper (XL)
3 Classic Sleeper (XL)

Cloth pads can help ease discomfort and irritation after childbirth.  PAD TIP:  Chilling a pad in the freezer prior to use helps to soothe tender swollen sensitive areas.
Postpartum Bundle
Every woman has an inner goddess.  Pamper yours with the gift of soft comfortable menstrual protection while enjoying the knowledge that by doing so you’ve also made the best choice for your health and the environment.
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Pamper Your
Inner Goddess
Maiden Bundle Shown
Photo Gallery
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3 Matching Pads
1 Matching Pad Pouch
1 Calypso Leak Resistant Carry Bag
DAY Packs ~ Classic Pads

Day packs make being out and about easier.  Just grab a pre-packed day pack as you head out and you’re all set.

Week PackS ~ Elemental Panty Liners
7 Matching Elemental 
Panty Liners
If you’re new to moon time or pre-teen, the Maiden Bundle is recommended.