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How To Use

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Cloth pad with channel stitching

Quilted channel

stitching through

absorbency layers

wicks moisture

down into the pad.


Against Skin

Flannel/cotton print (absorbency layers with channel stitching).

Against Panty

Solid colour fleece (leakproof layer).

Pads are all-in-ones ...nothing to stuff, add, or piece together.  Use regular snug fitting panties when using cloth pads for the best fit and coverage.  

Place pads with print side facing up (the side with channel stitching), wrap wings out, down, and around panty gusset and snap into place.  For wingless pads just lay in and go, the fleece backing against panties helps prevent slipping.

How to use cloth pads


Pads were originally offered in both regular and plush absorbency but now all are plush as the added protection doesn't add much to the thickness of the pad but does work wonderfully for extra comfort, coverage, and peace of mind.  No need to worry about whether you need regular or plush because New Moon Pads has you covered, no matter which stage of your flow you're dealing with.  Need extra coverage?  Though most times a pad is all that's needed, pad boosters are perfect for when you need that little bit of extra absorbency (ie., long nights, etc.).  Just lay on top of any pad, the flannel backing fabric against the pad fabric prevents them from slipping.  Works with any cloth pad system.


Except for ultra and personal pads (which have the wing tabs sewn to the back due to their unique design), wing tabs are sewn to the front of the pad so when wrapped around to the underside they form a gently contoured shape.  Wings are made of double-brushed flannel with white poly resin KAM snaps.  Winged pads are approximately 3/4" narrower at the center with wing tabs snapped into place.  New Moon Pads conform naturally to your shape when worn, forming a gentle U-shape from front to back for a comfortable natural fit.  Wing colour varies depending on availability.


With wingless pads the fleece backing against snug fitting panty holds them in place.  When using wingless pads you have to remember to hold onto the pad through the front of your panties when pulling them down.


Simply put ...better comfort and fit.  Wing tabs are much trimmer than full body wings to help keep the pad in place without pulling it out of shape.  Full body wings tend to bunch and buckle the pad when snapped.  Unsnap winged pads prior to laundering.


Wings on ultra pads and personal pads are sewn to the back of the pad due to their innovative design for maximum side leak protection, featuring leak resistant side gussets.  Ultra pads are a bit bulkier than the regular pads as they have a ridged area of leak resistant fleece along the sides to prevent overflow, designed specifically for those women who tend to side leak.

Laundering Care

Launder pads before initial use.

Unsnap wings prior to laundering.  


With cloth pads you don’t even calculate in laundry costs because the pads just go in with whatever laundry you are currently doing so they piggy back on the cost you would already be putting out for laundry.  The sooner you switch the more you’ll save!


New Moon Pads are easy to wash and they dry quickly, either in the dryer or on the line.  The easiest way to clean your pads is to just toss them in with your regular laundry and launder as usual in cold water.  Pads can also be washed out easily by hand.


When laundering pads, heat is NOT your friend.  Launder pads in cold water, never in hot, and set dryer to low or medium heat.  Not only does hot water set blood stains but high heat, whether in the washer or dryer, can damage fabrics and significantly lower pad life expectancy.  If you must launder in warm water, keep it below 90F/30C.  With proper care, each New Moon Pad will easily last 200+ launderings.


You can also pre-soak them in a lidded container in cold water, if preferred, but let’s face it ...who has the time for the fuss and bother?  And leaving pads soaking in water can also lessen their pad life expectancy.  They come out just as clean without soaking.  If you do pre-soak be sure to change the water daily and add a bit of baking soda to the water to increase alkalinity (which helps to remove stains and neutralize odours).


Bleach is a corrosive and can cause skin irritation and will significantly decrease the life of your pads.  Fabric softener decreases fabric absorbency and is not recommended.  Using vinegar in the rinse cycle in place of fabric softener, and wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets, avoids a lot of chemicals in the laundering process and are a HUGE savings with no longer having to buy expensive fabric softener or dryer sheets, neither of which should be used on fabric intended for absorption.     


Soak vibrant coloured pads in a pail of water with 1 cup (250 ml) of vinegar added prior to initial laundering.  This “sets” their colors so they don’t bleed onto other items.  Always wash like colors together, never with light or white items.


Pads are made with all new fabrics so there will be some initial shrinkage with laundering, though it will not affect the absorption properties of each style as they’re designed to accommodate shrinkage.  With cottons, final shrinkage will be approximately 5%.


In most cases, just regular laundering in cold water will keep pads stain free.  If you do find a pad or two with any staining you can pour hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain and let it soak in, making sure to launder the pad before the hydrogen peroxide dries.  Try not to get too hung up on stain removal.  Stains sometimes happen.  If they do, they don’t affect function, and nobody but you will know they’re there.  If you're stain-averse I suggest going with a busier or darker print so any staining won't show.


If you absolutely must be absolutely sure that there are absolutely no stains, rinse affected area thoroughly with cold water, lather your hands with mild soap and work lather thoroughly into fabric with your fingers, then launder in cold.  Check after the wash cycle.  If there is residual staining repeat the soaping process and rewash in cold.


If you prefer to soak your pads after use until you’re ready to launder them there are lots of options for pad pots, some of them conventional, some of them not so much.  Pad pot options are only limited by your imagination.  You can use everyday containers from around the house or go shopping for something fun and funky.  As long as it can hold water and has a lid (or is relatively spill proof) then you’re good to go.  The idea is to make your choice personal and individual and have fun with it!


New Moon Pads are actually very easy to care for while traveling.  If you don’t have access to a laundry facility they can be washed out easily by hand and hung to dry from a shower curtain rod or a hanger using cloth pad drying straps.  Just rinse the pads until the water runs clear, wash by hand in the sink with mild soap making sure to rinse them well afterward, wring them out well and hang them to dry.  Another really easy way to clean them is put them on the floor of the shower while you take your shower and walk all over them (yup, they can take it), then just a quick hand scrub and rinse and that's it.  All you need to bring extra are a few drying straps and/or clothes pins to hang them with and you're good to go.  If you're camping, tent lines work great as a clothesline or hang them from small tree limbs using the drying straps (if you're not shy).  Most people wouldn't even have a clue anyway as to what they are ...just tell them they're pot holders.  ;o)