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Trial Packs

A great way to test different sizes

to see what works best for you.


USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

Light (Petite)

1 New Moon (M) 11"

1 Moon Light (S) 9"

1 Maiden (XS) 8"

Regular (Average)

1 Full Moon (L) 12"

1 New Moon (M) 11"

1 Moon Light (S) 9"

Heavy (Tall/Plus)

1 Sleeper (XL) 13"

1 Full Moon (L) 12"

1 New Moon (M) 11"


100% Cotton

Smooth and cool, like a summer dress.

Prefer Wingless Pads?

Just let me know after placing your order which pads you would like without wings.

Tend To Side Leak?

Check out our Ultra Pads for the ultimate in side leak protection.

"These are amazing products. I have extremely sensitive and irritable skin that gets really angry when it touches anything that isn’t extremely soft or that doesn’t wick dampness. These are so comfortable and I’ve had zero skin irritation. I can’t recommend these products enough."

~ Claire