Pre-Teen Starter Set

Because sometimes Mother Nature

comes calling early.


USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

pre teen starter set

1 Moon Light (S) 9"

3 Maiden (XS) 8"

3 Regular Liners 8"


100% Cotton

Smooth and cool, like a summer dress.

Prefer Wingless Pads?

Just let me know after placing your order which pads you would like without wings.

Tend To Side Leak?

Check out our Ultra Pads for the ultimate in side leak protection.

"My daughter is so happy with her new pads! She’s only 9 1/2, just got her first period, and is scared of the sight of blood. The beautiful red flannel prints have made her feel much better about her period and she says they are so soft and very comfortable. And they are super easy to wash, which I appreciate. Thank you so much for making these for my girl. Your products have given her a sense of confidence about these new changes in her body."