Postpartum Set

Treat yourself to softness and comfort

for your postpartum needs.


USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

postpartum set

2 Ultra Sleepers (XL) 13"

3 Classic Sleepers (XL) 13"

Using cloth pads can help ease discomfort and irritation after childbirth. When cool, soothing comfort is needed, place the pad in the freezer for half an hour before wearing. Alternatively, wearing a warm pad straight from the dryer (or after leaving it out in the sun) can help ease cramping.


100% Cotton

Smooth and cool, like a summer dress.

Prefer Wingless Pads?

Just let me know after placing your order which pads you would like without wings.

"Received my new set of pads today! Very excited to try. They were made well and very soft. Thanks!"

~ Natasha