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Ultra Pads

The ultimate in side leak protection,

featuring leak-resistant side gussets.


USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

ultra pads

8" Maiden (XS) 20cm

9" Moon Light (S) 23cm

11" New Moon (M) 28cm

12" Full Moon (L) 30.5cm

13" Sleeper (XL) 33cm


100% Cotton

Smooth and cool, like a summer dress.

The Pad-ticulars

The same size options as Classic Pads but with a unique leak resistant side gusset for those who tend to side-leak, for heavier flow, or for mild urinary incontinence (no more panicked leg-crossing when you have to sneeze or cough).


100% cotton, organic cotton, or flannel top. high-absorbency cotton sherpa/flannel central layering. Breathable, leak-resistant Polartec barrier fleece backing. Winged pads have flannel wing tabs with white resin KAM snaps. Ultra Pads have the wing tabs sewn to the back due to their unique design. Wing tabs and fleece backing vary in colour, depending on availability.

Prefer Wingless?

Just let me know after placing your order which pads you would like without wings.

Did You Know?

Using cloth menstrual pads can potentially decrease period discomfort, skin irritation, risk of yeast infections, and menstrual flow (for shorter periods). Most who have made the switch report many or all of these changes in their monthly cycle.

Wellness Tip

Stay Hydrated

Water is the elixir of life. Start your day with a glass of water to replenish the 8 or so hours you've gone without it. Once you have the first glass, it sets you up to continue drinking water all day long. Keeping hydrated flushes toxins from your system, helps with digestion, and is the most amazing skin care regime you can have.


No matter what I do, or what pad brand I use, I always tend to leak over the sides. Is there anything you can recommend?

Some women tend to side leak no matter what they try. I would suggest the Ultra Pads. They’re specifically designed for this problem. The sherpa fleece backing wraps around to the front on the sides to form leak-resistant gussets. They’re a wee bit bulkier than the classic pads, but they work wonderfully to prevent side leaks.

Heart Vine Line Divider

"I have been using reusable pads for a number of years, and these are well-designed and very comfortable. I love having a variety of prints -- they add a little cheerfulness and whimsy to an otherwise inconvenient time of month. I do tend to side leak and the ultra pad design is helpful for me."

~ A.N.

These (Ultra Pads) pads are AMAZING! Real Lifesavers! They're soooo soft and comfy to wear, and absorb impressively. The channels/buffers at the edge "keep it all together" if you know what I mean. Cannot recommend them enough! Oh - and they'll last and last and last! I've had mine for years now, and they're like new!

~ silver_moon73