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Half Moon

Organic Interlabial Pads

Regular 3.5"     Long 4.5"

USA & Int'l (USD)
Canada Only (CAD)

The Pad-ticulars

Interlabial pads are a kind of hybrid between pads and tampons.  They aren't worn completely internally, nor completely externally.  They are folded in half lengthwise and worn between the folds of the labia (lengthwise front to back) at the opening of the vagina to absorb menstrual flow.  They may take a bit of getting used to.  Some love them, some not so much.  I suggest you try them out in tandem with a pantyliner or pad as a backup at first until you get used to how much flow they absorb for you and how long you can wear them before needing to change them out.  Designed with two layers of soft absorbent organic cotton fleece for maximum comfort and absorbency.  Both length options are 2" wide at the centre.  And so they don't get lost in your package because of their diminutive size, each 3-pack is packaged in it's own discreetly labeled compostable/recyclable kraft paper envelope.

Materials: 100% GOTS certified natural organic cotton fleece.

Optional: These can be used as is, or you can dye them using fruits, vegetables, and plants to get some pretty wonderful colours naturally.

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