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Elemental Liners

  Regular 8" x 3"    Long 10" x 3"  

Whisper thin daily wear Elemental panty liners offer a protective breathable barrier for every day discharge, après l'amour, menstrual cup/sponge backup, or for pre and post menstrual spotting.  Elementals do not have a leak resistant barrier backing, making them reversible.

Materials: 100% cotton, organic cotton, or flannel top, high absorbency flannel central layering and backing, flannel wing tabs, white resin snaps.  

Wingless available on request.

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Did You Know?

New Moon Pads cloth menstrual pads pay for themselves in just 1-2 years from the cost of disposables and last up to 10 years, which means you get 8-9 years of cost free menstrual protection.