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New Moon Masks


100% High Quality Quilting Cotton

(two-layered with filter pocket)

100% Soft Cotton Ties/Ear Loops

  Ships to US & Int'l (USD)
  Ships to Canada (CAD)

The tie design rather than ear elastics give a more comfortable custom fit and can be either tied behind the head or tied into ear loops.  Elastics can't be adjusted which affects fit and can irritate the ears, especially for anyone who has a sensitivity to elastic/rubber/poly.  Each mask has a pocket located inside to allow the wearer the option to add in a filter medium (see below for a homemade filter) and there is a nose wire to adjust the mask to fit snugly over the nose.



Closed: Approx 4 x 7" (10.2 x 17.8 cm)

Open: 7 x 7" (17.8 x 17.8 cm)


Closed: Approx 3 x 5.5" (7.6 x 14 cm)

Open: 5.5 x 5.5" (14 x 14 cm)


"I’ve received a bunch of the masks since going back to work as a hairstylist (which I’m required to wear a mask at all times) and I have to say, new moon masks are hands down the best I’ve worn so far. So breathable, comfortable, don’t fog up your glasses if you wear them which is a huge bonus, you’re able to custom fit them to best suit your face shape, and so many unique patterns to choose from. 10/10 would recommend to anyone that is needing masks for day to day use or professional use. Can’t thank you enough."  ❤️❤️  Shannon

Print placement varies from mask to mask.

Though cloth masks are not medical devices, and not intended to replace N95 respirators or surgical masks, they can help slow the spread of COVID-19 by helping to prevent people who are infected (or could be as some people may carry the virus but be asymptomatic) from spreading the virus to others or nearby surfaces when coughing, sneezing, breathing, or speaking.


Wash hands before applying mask.

Wash hands before touching mask once it's on.

Wash hands after removing mask.

- Launder mask before adjusting for fit as there may be some shrinkage after initial laundering (see below for laundering instructions).

- Put the mask on by placing it in position and draping the top ties up, over, and behiind the ears bringing the ends forward to dangle over the front of your shoulders.

- Make sure the mask is positioned with the nose wire at the bridge of the nose and the bottom under the chin.  The filter pocket side goes against your face.  Pinch the nose wire to fit the mask to your face.

- Working one side at a time, loosely tie the top tie to the bottom tie near the mask.  Do the same for the other side.

- Once the mask is in place you can adjust the ties so the mask fits comfortably, but not too tight (you don't want to restrict movement).  When you're comfortable with the fit, tie the ties on each side into a knot at the mask edge.  To put it on you just slip each side over your ears and into position.  Once the ties are permanently knotted, cut the ends to desired length.  It’s recommended to leave a little length on the ties in case the mask needs to be readjusted.


The ties are long enough to be tied behind the head rather than made into ear loops, if preferred.


Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, remove from heat, stir in liquid soap, submerge mask, cover and let stand 30 minutes.  Rinse.  Hang to dry.  Using this laundering method not only kills any virus but also prolongs the life of your mask and enables you to clean and reuse it daily.  Laundering mask in regular laundry may tangle and damage ties.

Launder mask before initial use.


Wet a paper towel then lay it flat to dry.  Once dry, cut to the desired size and insert it into the mask pocket.  Only use each filter once, discard after use.  Be sure to remove the filter before laundering the mask.


If you're local to the Comox Valley, BC area non-contact pick up can be arranged.


Many of you have been asking how you can help out.  I've added a "Donate A Mask" option for anyone who would like to do that.  Donated masks will go to frontline and essential workers (health care, grocery, postal/courier, transport, animal rescue/care, etc.).  These selfless individuals are working hard to keep us safe and supplied.  For every mask you donate, we'll donate one as well.  Please note that personal orders must total over the free shipping minimum before adding in mask donations to qualify for free shipping.

For their kind generosity in gifting masks

A Heartfelt Thank You To

Lindsey Naylor ~ 1 Mask

P & H TeWinkel ~ 1 Mask

Penny Staznik ~ 2 Masks

Sarah Cree ~ 2 Masks

Christine Bronk ~ 1 Mask

Heather McAllister ~ 1 Mask

Lauren Welch ~ 1 Mask

Felicia Lee Smith ~ 20 Masks

Jesi Post ~ 1 Mask

Kathryn McCoy ~ 1 Mask

Lisa Loundagin ~ 1 Mask

Kathleen Anderson ~ 1 Mask

Rebecca Dougan ~ 1 Mask

I would like to acknowledge a generous donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) for her kind donation of $300 USD which will be put towards the purchase of supplies for both masks and pad bank pads.  It's truly humbling how people are coming together to help others in need.