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I wanted to tell you how wonderful your bed pads are. Being menopausal, I never know what is going to happen, and have had numerous surprises, going from 0 to 60, when I should have slept on a towel, but didn't because it was so uncomfortable. Your pads are excellent, and I am so glad to have found them! Thanks for you and your splendid products.

~ Caren

I just wanted to say how much I love your pads, they are so comfortable and soft. As a new user of cloth pads I was a little nervous of using cloth at work (one of my jobs is very physically demanding) but your product held up AMAZINGLY! I love that you have such a huge assortment of fabric choices that make this time a fun time and I can see the pride that you put into your work with the quality of your finished product. I also love your great customer communication. You are truly a pleasure to do business with and my only regret is that I didn't find you sooner as I was starting my cloth pad journey and began ordering from various companies as I can honestly say that I would be perfectly happy using just your product. Thank you so much for a quality Canadian product and for creating a welcoming place of business.

~ Adrienne

Just thought I would send some positive feedback your way. I have never felt so clean, dry, and comfortable as I have with your pads. I am recommending them to every menstruating woman I know. I look forward to the day when I've bought enough pads that I never have to use disposables again! Thanks and keep up the good work :)

~ Audrey M.

I have been using New Moon pads for close to 14 years now, and again I must thank you for them. They have made all the difference in the world for me, as I am allergic to the commercially prepared products available on the market. Your pads wear well and stand up to years of use. It is rare in this day to find quality as fine as this. I appreciate and applaud your efforts!!

~ Cheri T.

Completely love New Moon Pads. This was my first venture into cloth pads and they are so comfortable - and the laundering is not nearly as yucky as I imagined. I purchased a couple different brands and yours were by far my favorite. No leaks, they stay put, and they're very soft. What more could I ask for? I also love the pretty fabrics - just a nice little touch to bring a smile to my face. Thanks for doing what you do.

~ Emily R.

Reasons i like new moon pads:

1. Renee is very friendly and helpful and also responds to your questions fast

2. pads are not bulky and don’t irritate

3. awesome patterns

4 .easy to clean

5. would I buy from her again...YES !!!

Thanks for everything :)

~ Nadine

Wow; great service and product! I got my pads a couple of weeks ago. I had researched quite a few companies carefully and was especially impressed with the speed and quality of Renee's responses to my questions; she literally answered most of my emails within minutes or hours! I ordered a grab bag to sample the pads before spending a lot on my favorite patterns, and honestly, I was expecting tacky patterns, but the ones she used were so pretty. I've used them now, and they really deliver in terms of comfort and protection. I will definitely be ordering again. Because I'm about a size 18-20, I had ordered the long pantyliners, but actually found them a bit too long for my liking; I think I'll just be ordering the regular length next time; the "flap" in the back kind of got in the way, but I can see how it would be a good thing in terms of protection in certain cases.The New Moon pad is invisible under clothing and although I had my reservations about the fleece "waterproofing", it works beautifully. The Full Moon and Sleeper were very comfortable and discreet as well. Kudos on a job well done, New Moon!

~ Michelle

Excellent product and service. The product itself is a simple thing. It works as well (or better) than disposable pads for me. I've been using New Moon Pads since 2009, and I've ordered two more times since then, not because they're old and worn out, but just because they’re so pretty and actually make me look forward to that time of the month. :) Renee's service is always personal, prompt and polite, and makes online shopping a pleasant, stress-free experience.

~ Mitch

Comfort in cloth! I first purchased a sample pack months ago as I was a little nervous about switching to cloth. I figured I'd wear the cloth at home and the disposable at work. Well, they were so comfortable I tried it at work. And I could go an entire work day with one pad. Total comfort! Your lady parts breathe and there is no irritation. Also, the odor factor, not funky like disposable pads. Washing is simple. I usually rinse the pad out and then toss in the washer. Easy. I've also tried them in my karate classes. They work perfectly! So, I ordered some more. Soft and very nice! Thank you New Moon Pads!

~ Zaddik

Awesome pads. I have been using my moon pads for about eight years now and I love them. I use them everyday as panty liners and as back up to the diva cup. My first ones are beginning to wear out around the edges (but they are still very soft and comfortable) so I am here to order a few more!!

~ Cindy

Been using for 6 months now and I won't switch back to disposable pads. The pads are comfortable, well made and save me so much money compared to buying disposable pads. The selection is the best I've seen out there. It was lots of fun looking through the website and decide what patterns to order. I liked them so much that I got my mom to switch over to cloth and she loves them too! I am extremely happy I found New Moon and I'm spreading the word.

~ Lydia

Great products & customer service! I've ordered New Moon pads twice now. Both times I received my order quickly (within a week) with no problems. I had never used cloth pads before and the information on the website was helpful for how to use and launder them. Couldn't be happier with my decision to try them. I've been using the first ones for a few months now and they wash well, the quality is excellent.

~ SweetPeet

New Moon is awesome!!! They are so soft, the quality of each pad is stellar. Renee is so nice, she actually emails you, not just automated emails. I am in love with New Moon. I will be back for more. Very happy I found New Moon!

~ Jessica

Been using them for years. I first bought some New Moon Pads in 2007. At the time, I was having some continuous bleeding issues following a miscarriage and was so raw from wearing pads that I waddled instead of walking. When I received my New Moon Pads, I started using them right away after the initial wash. Instant relief. They are incredibly comfortable and made a difficult time slightly less hard to bear. Since then, I've added other products to my stash, but I like nothing as much as my New Moons. Those first pads I bought still work as well (almost four years on!) as the day I bought them. I have recommended these to many friends since I first came across them. Wonderful product, wonderful customer service, and I am so thankful for the comfort I've had since buying these.

~ Kay

I have used other cloth pads in the past and loved the cost savings to both my wallet and the environment. Those ones were pretty good. Then I tried New Moon and I am over the moon! They're not nearly as bulky and being one piece I don't have to fiddle with liners. I bought 3 pads in 2 different sizes, 1 with tabs, for my first order just to try them out. They are fantastically comfy! These ones are all fabric so I won't have to worry about the plastic, leak-proof coating flaking off in the dryer like happened to my other ones. I was doubtful about the claim that the tab-free design would stay in place but it does! Though to be honest, having the tabs does help give confidence that it's not going to move around. I think experience will help me to overcome that worry. And Renee was wonderful to do business with. :)

~ Kim

I LOVE my New Moon Pads! Love love love them! I am allergic to something in commercial pads and tampons, so previously each month involved me using diaper cream (yes really) to treat my inflamed, tender and sore lady bits while itching like crazy. Since I switched to these beautiful cloth ones, it has been night and day! I don't even notice I'm wearing them, they just feel like an extension of my panties!! No allergic reaction and so comfortable! I wish I'd ordered them sooner.

~ Catherine Dee

I love my New Moon cloth pads! They are amazing! No leaks, and they work fantastic. I rinse mine after use, and am always amazed at how well the fleece backing holds in even the water until I squeeze it out - it amazes me! Great job!

~ Jillian

Your ultra pads are wonderful! I am so glad I found them! Thank you!

~ Deborah

I began using the New Moon cloth menstrual pads when my son was a baby. (about two and a half years ago). So when I became pregnant again, I knew I wanted to stock up and use them for my postpartum bleeding. When I used disposables after the birth of my first child, I got diaper rash! I had no problems after the birth of my second child. I used New Moon cloth menstrual pads as soon as I came home from the hospital. I was so comfortable! I also used New Moon's nursing pads this time around. With my first child I got a case of mastitis at 7 weeks postpartum. Turns out disposable nursing pads can cause breast infections. I didn't want to go through that again! I use the thinner cloth pads during the day and the fleece backed pads at night. I have not had a single leak and am saving money not having to go out and buy disposable nursing pads. I love New Moon products. They are well made. I love buying from a small business. I love the environmental benefits and saving money. But most of all, I love the comfort of cloth. I've tried other cloth products, but have found nothing superior to New Moon Pads. I just wish I had known about cloth sooner!

~ Autumn

I started using cloth with my son when he was 8 months old, and by meeting other 'clothie' mums the topic of cloth pads were often brought up. I pooed pooed the idea a few times but gave in in the end and purchased a few pads and have not looked back since! They are much more comfortable than disposables and easy to wash (this was the bit that was putting me off to be honest!) The best thing are the night pads as I was forever leaking at night with disposies and have not done with cloth pads.

~ DaisyJo

New Moon Cloth Menstrual Pads are a fantastic product! They are extremely durable and well made and are extremely comfortable to use. They are so much better than disposables, I'll never go back! I don't have any experience with any other cloth pad manufacturers, but I can't imagine why I would even want to try anyone else when I found such a wonderful product at my first go! Also Renee is wonderful to work with. She is prompt, helpful and informative. I have never had a problem ordering from her and she is always willing to answer questions, no matter how silly they seem to me. Her shipping is extremely fast and reliable. Products always arrive by (or often before!) the anticipated delivery date and she keeps in good communication with every order. I highly recommend her and her products!

~ chibi1723

I have been happy with the NEW MOON Cloth Menstrual Pads. They are the type of pads l like so l treated myself to go with my own home made ones. It's the same if you make a skirt for yourself, you are still going to buy a skirt. The pads are very easy to use and wash. My first purchase was 2006. I have bought a new treat for my girls now in 2010. Customer service is very good and l was happy the pads could be sent here in the UK.

~ UK Happy Customer

I live in the states and ordered my pads on a Sunday. Renee emailed be back the same day and told me that they were already processed and shipped -- I received them almost immediately, and LOVE them. They are so incredibly comfortable, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to go earth-friendly, budget-friendly, and wear the most comfortable option out there.

~ Nell G.

Renee's pads are amazing! They are so comfortable and I am happy that I made the switch from disposable products. Renee is great to communicate with, she always answers my questions the same day! She also ships your products within a few days of placing your order, if not the same day. Thanks Renee for making such a wonderful product and responding to my questions so quickly!

~ Jessica M.

I have had my pads for almost a year and cannot believe how perfectly they have held up. The quality is outstanding and I have always been pleased with my purchase. Renee is a pleasure to deal with - very kind and accommodating.

~ Michelle

Renee's pads are absolutely wonderful! They are soft and really work!

~ RatePoint Reviewer

I am a more than happy repeat customer. The pads are exceptionally well made, the price is more than fair, and shipping is super fast. See you next time!

~ European Pad-User

I have made several orders for cloth pads in the past 6 months, and each time Renee has exceeded my expectations. I'm an extremely satisfied customer! Discovering cloth pads has absolutely changed my monthly experience-- for the better. I've been so impressed with Renee's way of doing business, too. My orders have always been on time (often early), the quality of the pads is excellent, the patterns are cute (even the overstock selection has been satisfactory!), and Renee always sends a little surprise with every order -- how sweet is that?! I have been using a reusable Diva cup for a couple of years now and when I found out about cloth pads I was so excited for the chance to be just a bit more eco-friendly by doing away with disposable pads. What I didn't anticipate was how much I would LOVE cloth pads!!! It sounds made-up to say this, but the truth is that I look FORWARD to using them (I don't necessarily look forward to getting my period...) -- cloth pads are so comfortable, they are like a consolation for the icky-ness of having the dreaded monthly. They aren't bulky, they don't slip, they're super soft!, and they don't leak at all!! I often have very heavy periods, and one issue I always have had with disposable pads is that I have a very difficult time preventing overflow and leakage over the edges of the pad. At night I would often wear two disposable overnight pads staggered to prevent accidental leakage. With these cloth pads, though, I don't have that problem at all! Everything gets captured, and I haven't bled through once! My favorite style from Renee's selection are the Sleeper (XL) pads. I find them to be the most comfortable (although all are super comfortable!) and I never have to worry about whether they will leak. I have been so happy with my investment in New Moon pads -- it's definitely a large amount of money up front to build up the quantity of pads you'll need for the whole month, but it's absolutely worth it! I highly recommend cloth pads, and I back Renee's business 100%.

~ Happy Camper!

I just have to tell you my original order is still going strong and has made such a difference in my life. Before finding New Moon Pads I suffered from something akin to a low grade yeast infection every month while using disposables. This order is for my almost 10 year old daughter for the day she needs them. Thank you so much.

~ Lesley


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