I love my New Moon Pads!  I can't say enough about this life changing product.  After years of painful periods with zero thanks to paper products and their nasty chemicals I finally experienced my most comfortable period in my life (period since age 9, I'm 53).  Literally everything about it was better.  Needless to say I'm ordering more, no more painful periods for this lady!  I'll never live without them again.  I will share my experience with anyone and everyone possible.  I'm so thankful to my cousin for letting me know about New Moon Pads, she's had hers for going on 9 years now and they're still going strong!  Thanks Renee,  you've changed my life.

~ Michele

Your pads are the best. 12-13 years later and all of my pads are still in really good condition!  Other pads bought at the same time, most have been binned as deteriorated.

~ Adrianne

Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into your pads and into your business. I've had a wonderful experience with these pads. They are beautiful and well-made, hardy and comfortable. Your website is easy to navigate and ordering pads is not only simple, but also fun! Not only is your work impressive, but you also make the customer's overall experience a priority. When I received the pads I ordered, it felt as if they were made just for me. I absolutely love them and the wonderful customer service I received. I also like that you donate pads - this further proves that you truly care about your work and about helping others. Thank you for being so dedicated to your business - your dedication truly shows!

~ Lynda

I'm so excited!!! <3  I love how all the colors are SO cute together!! Thanks a million!

~ lizthebiochemist

I just wanted to let you know that we received our order today! Super fast!  My daughter is so happy with her new pads! She’s only 9 1/2, just got her first period, and is scared of the sight of blood. The beautiful red flannel prints have made her feel much better about her period and she says they are so soft and very comfortable. And they are super easy to wash, which I appreciate.  Thank you so much for making these for my girl. Your products have given her a sense of confidence about these new changes in her body.


I received my order for the make-up removal pads and they're beautiful! Previously I ordered New Moon pads (for light incontinence issues) and they work perfectly! They're better than any pads from other companies I've ordered from in the past (even before I went through menopause) because yours never slip and are more absorbent.  I will mention your company to my friends if they are looking for reusable personal products.   Thank you so much!


I just want to thank you for making these pads.  I tried Lunapads and Gladrags before finding you and am so much happier with New Moon Pads.  They have changed my relationship with my period and now I look forward to it each month rather than dreading it.  I simply can't tell you how happy I am with the lovely pads you make and how well they work.  I'm a convert to the "wingless" style, too.  I never thought they'd stay put, but they do, and the absence of the wings means less bulk and even more comfort.  It is such a joy to find the little world you've created on your website and in your reviews, where periods are a healthy and positive part of a woman's life.  If you ever decide to stop making these, please let me know so that I can stock up on a lifetime supply!

~ Jane

My daughter is only 6 months into managing her period and we are both so happy to have found your products!  So far she is using her New Moons for overnight protection and she is SO much more comfortable -- she is sleeping better too!  She manages the rinse and clean routine with no problem.  I only bought a couple at the start to see if she liked them and she couldn't wait to get more... she liked picking out different patterns for each too.  Anything to make periods more positive!

~ Kyra

Ultras=the bestest! 😍

~ silver_moon73

I have to say that I tried one Lunapad too.  They are very well made, and work just fine, but the size is too wide and rigid for my tiny build, and when I wear it I feel like I have a duck tail at the back, and this has caused me to leak.  Your design is more flexible, and comfortable, and I appreciate the many size and color options.  They also wash beautifully!  My Lunapad stained from day one.  Thank you for such a lovely product!

~ Rita  

Just wanted to say that I love your Ultra pads. I love the classic ones too, and they are great for the lighter days of my period. However, on my heavier days, the ultra pads have been perfect and given me so much peace of mind!

~ Raquel

It's been about 5 years since my first order of New Moon Pads, and they've served me so well. The pads that I first ordered are still going strong, but I thought it was high time I added more to the arsenal for some peace of mind. (It's always a nasty shock when I realize that I need a big pad for the night, only to find that both are still drying on the clothesline.) I just wanted to let you know that menstruation has been infinitely more bearable with these cloth pads. I actually feel like my cramps are a lot less awful, and more than anything, the cloth pads are so gentle on my skin. With disposable pads, I used to have a horrible time since they would irritate my skin so badly. You have truly done wonders for my quality of life during the time of the month. Thank you so much for the good work that you do for every menstruating soul out there.

~ A.F.

Your products are amazing, and you provide 5 star customer service, and I'm very satisfied with all of my experiences ordering from your store! I will definitely be recommending you to others.  Thank you again!

~ Rachael

Switching to cloth pads was one of the best decisions I've made as a woman. It is honestly the first time in my life I feel comfortable during my period. They fit nicely, absorb very well and do not irritate. I'm never going back! Moreover, a very quick delivery and a wide variety of designs.

~ Liga

Just wanted to say my daughter really loves her pads!  She didn't end up getting her period while we were backpacking (which was good; one less thing to deal with), but she'd been through every brand and type and style of disposables since her period started in April and just hadn't really been happy with any of them, but now she's really settled on the New Moons.  She wears them to school (just started middle school this year), for horseback riding (and they stayed in place!!!)...basically, for everything.   I have a Lunette cup that I love, but sometimes it just doesn't sit right, and last cycle, on one of those days, I swiped one of her cloth pads as a back up and was really pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was (because, honestly, I have always hated pads).  Anyway, I ended up putting in an order for myself just now because I really need something for those times the cup just isn't fitting correctly, and my daughter doesn't want me stealing her pads again.  I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we're loving these pads!  Thanks so much,

~ A & R

We think of you every month :-)

And I mean that in the best possible way :-)

~ Heidi

I first heard about cloth pads from one of my friends in the Philippines and when I heard about them, I thought she was talking about something that seemed "quack" to me! I wasn't thrilled with the idea of washing blood from any kind of cloth and disposables seemed much more practical for my work as a missionary traveling to many countries around the world. But she convinced me to try the cloth pads and I reluctantly agreed after I did more of my own research. And I never looked back! The pads came in such bright colors and it made me excited to try them! For my first cycle using cloth pads, we were heading to Africa for our mission work there and I wasn't sure how traveling in the airports using cloth pads would be but I decided to try it and it wasn't hard at all! I lived in Africa the whole year and used these cloth pads the entire time and they still look like new! And the difference of using cloth pads for one year has been amazing! I have much less pain (some months, no pain at all!) which is unheard of for me! I used to lie in bed for the whole first and half of the second day because of dreadful pain. I also have only a little bloating and no more rashes or itching! It's just wonderful! I promote cloth pads to every girl and lady I can! I am forever grateful to using these cloth pads! I look forward to each time of the month for using these pretty pads instead of dreading that "here it comes again..." I highly recommend New Moon Pads also! They are easy to work with and answer all your questions quickly and courteously and their products are very professional!

~ Teresa, an American missionary in Africa

Your pads are changing my life.  I struggle with dysphoria and PTSD. Your products help heal my relationship with my whole self. I didn't know I could be comfortable during my menses. I don't have to throw a piece of my life into the trash anymore.  Instead, I am respecting myself and the environment. To top it off, they simply work better than disposables. Thank you for your beautiful pads. You are truly a healer of the world.


I bought a load of these (in different sizes and absorbencies) for me and my daughters from the seller's regular website. We are big fans and absolutely love them. They are just soooo comfortable and super easy to wash and care for.  I have very heavy flow and they have not leaked at all. They stay in place and I barely feel them. I have simply rinsed through with cold water and thrown them in the wash with my normal cold wash. I have not had any problems with staining and they dry quickly. The craftsmanship is superb, the delivery is excellent and the seller is really good at responding to any questions you might have. I really wish I had made the switch earlier. They make a huge difference. I would give them 6 stars if I could.

~ Veronica via Amazon

I've been using your pads for a year now and they are my favourite by far. I tried three other brands last year as well, just to see how they compare, but New Moon makes the most comfortable pads ever! I love the prints too.

~ Chelsea

I just wanted let you know how VERY grateful I am for you and your company.  New Moon Pads have really changed my life.  My periods are not unbearable anymore.  At first I was skeptical that the Ultra Pads would prevent leaks.  I'm here to tell you they really prevent leaks! They are so soft and comfortable.  I truly love your pads and look forward to being a loyal customer for the rest of my "period life".   I am telling all of my family and friends about New Moon Pads.  I believe in you and your products.  Please don't ever stop making them.  May God bless you and your company.  Much continued success!  Now I have to find a second job so I can buy pads in every print and size you have.

~ Deborah

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using my New Moon pads for over 10 years now. (With a couple breaks while having two more children). They hold up wonderfully. But, I need more. Will be placing my order soon because I love your product soooo much. (I also used postpartum pads and nursing pads twice as well!)

~ Autumn

I wish I had replaced my original pads years ago.  I loved your products so much then, just dallied with the idea of going convenient. BIG MISTAKE with my sensitive skin. Good bye chemical laden period trash, HELLO comfort!!! So glad that you are still in the business. <3

~ Emily

10 years ago my daughter was wearing your Sweet Cheeks diapers. Today I ordered her a set of New Moon Pads and liners. Thanks for continuing to produce great products I can count on. I've been loving my New Moon products for several years and hate to be without them.

~ Missy

I had to use disposable pads on my last cycle. They were awful! It was SO NICE to get home and use my New Moon Pads - my favorites are the full moon and sleeper pads, which I use at night.  I never have to worry about leaking, and I've had them for 5+ years - still going strong! THANK YOU!  It is so nice to have a product that is well made and dependable and COMFORTABLE. :-)

~ Molly

Thank you! I was very impressed with my first order. They are so wonderfully made. Little by little I will have to build my stash. I'm looking forward to receiving them!

~ Aimie

I decided to look into alternative feminine products a few months ago after doing some research regarding the chemicals and pesticides in conventional disposable products (I had used tampons or years). I came across New Moon Pads online and ordered a trial pack and found them to be very practical, comfortable, and easy to use. I have also always had somewhat irregular/long cycles (I'm 32), usually about 45-50 days apart. I always thought this was just something normal for me. However, within 3 months of using the cloth pads, I was shocked to find that that my cycles have been only 28-30 days apart. I know everyone is different, but I had no idea that changing to cloth pads would actually help regulate my cycle. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

~ Kristen

I honestly love your pads.  When people ask about where to get pads, I always give them 3 different style choices but tell them I like yours the best. They do a fabulous job, feel thinner than any others I have tried and stay in place great.

~ LaPriel

I wanted to tell you, I LOVE New Moon Pads!  I recently purchased more, after years of using the old style.  The new pattern/style is AMAZING.  They don’t slide, the are super cute, more importantly they are super absorbent!  

I love them!  Thank you.

~ Maieta

This is my first time trying reusable pads. I had come across some on Amazon a few weeks ago, and was curious about them...so I ordered some.  I was talking to a friend of mine and mentioned being curious about reusable pads, so she sent me a bunch of links to different sites, because she has friends who use them...one of the links she sent was for New Moon Pads.  After doing some research, and reading about the benefits of reusable pads, I thought the best thing to do was get a few different ones to try. Of all the sites I visited, Renee's site was the most helpful, easy to navigate site I had come across. One of the other things I liked about her site, was the fact that she is a stay at home mom, and a small business. I kept being drawn back to her site, over and over again, until finally, on a whim, I ordered a set of 3 pads from her...a small, medium and a large.  All I can say about these is, WOW. First of all..I cannot believe how comfortable they are. When I would wear the disposable pads, I always had a general feeling of discomfort...not terrible...but I knew I was wearing a pad. Don't get me started on the chafing after a while....ugh. I also had to change the disposables frequently...especially the first couple days when my flow is at its heaviest

....which brings me to my second point....the absorbency of Renee's pads are AMAZING.  I actually went close to 8 hours without feeling like I had to change my pad. I probably should have (or could have) changed it sooner, but honestly, I didn't feel like I had to, not like the disposable pads that started to feel wet and gross after a couple hours of wear. With these reusable pads...they didn't feel wet or gross at all.  I'm sold on these pads....specifically on Renee's pads. The ones I bought from Amazon are okay...but they are NOTHING like Renee's. After about a half an hour after wearing one of Renee's pads, I thought to myself, "Yep...going to be ordering more of these."  I should mention how great it has been working with Renee. She is absolutely lovely, and gets back to you quickly, should you have any questions about her products. That being said, I'm going to end this review so I can go place my order. :) Thank you Renee!!!

~ Jennie

NONE compare to New Moon Pads! I tried a variety before I bought pads from Renee over a decade ago... and NONE were even remotely as nice! I didn't know they could feel breathable until Renee's!! Way better shape, thickness, quality... I could never say or explain how awesome they really are!

~ Jessica

These (Ultra Pads) pads are AMAZING! Real Lifesavers! They're soooo soft and comfy to wear, and absorb impressively. The channels/buffers at the edge "keep it all together", if you know what I mean. Cannot recommend them enough! Oh - and they'll last and last and last! I've had mine for years now, and they're like new!

~ silver_moon73  

Just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with your cloth pads that I have now been using for 6 months. They feel amazing and work great. I have not used disposables since. I have now also put my one year old into cloth nappies.  Very happy customer!

~ Meagan

Thought you might like to know that these maiden pads are for the baby girl that I nursed in 2003 while wearing your nursing pads!

~ Lori

I've been using New Moon Pads for 8 months now and I love them. My reason was to cut back on spending, after 6 months I was happily surprised with a change in my cycle. It used to be extremely painful and I regularly vomited each time I started and had to lay in bed (unable to move) for 4 hours or more.  Only one pain med took the edge off and that was only if I kept it down.  Now my pain (if you can call it that) is a small discomfort.  I don't need any pain meds, if I do take something, anything works! (I had to experiment.)  My flow has also changed to an even flow, no more heavy, light, heavy, light.  Thank you, thank you, for making this product.  I know that everyone is different but it's worth a try if you’re having a hard time.

~ Laura

Received my new set of pads today! Very excited to try. They were made well and very soft. Thanks!

~ Natasha

I heard about you through Mother Earth News.  After exploring your website I gave in, I had to try them. I'm a waitress and wasn't sure I could trust them while at work, worried about bleed through. It is very difficult to use the bathroom at work when so busy, not to mention would be hard to fix that kind of problem.  So....1st day 2 hours into the work day I loved them!  I felt dry and didn't even know I had heavy flow.  Thank you for your time and effort to give women a product that changes that time of the month from a hassle to just another day.

~ Ashley

I love my pads I received recently! Beautiful as always!!!

~ Holly

A wonderful product.  It actually surprised me, I thought it would be a bit bulky but it was very comfortable.  I really commend you on making such a lovely looking, earth friendly, comfortable and safe (in the bleeding sense) product.

~ Anna

I'm looking forward to trying these...I am a first time cloth pad user, and a friend sent me your website. I have to tell you, out of all the sites I have looked at, yours is the most easy to navigate and most helpful. Again, I cannot wait to get these and try them.

~ Jennie

I am wearing your pad for the first time today and it's great!  So comfy.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

~ Cheryl

Excellent products, I especially love the prints. Great seller, she is brilliant.

~ Juanita

My 14 year old just has started her second period of her life. We are in the middle of trying the “New To Moon Time” sample pack. She LOVES them!!  This is a girl who overheats easily, feels every seam in her sock, and every tag in her clothes, and has many tactile sensitivities. She hated the paper store bought pads her first period and they were uncomfortable for her, but yours are so soft. I personally use the Moon Light pad for my lighter days, and couple that with a Diva cup for my heavier days and overnight, but she wants me to order her just pads as they are easier for her to use than the cup, and they are so soft and comfy. Off to order today.  THANK YOU for making a superior product!

~ Tina

I LOVE my moon cloth pads. They're so fabulous! And the muslin hankies are so incredible! I am so happy!! Just thought you should know. ;)  

PS:  I love looking at your 'monthly' newsletter too. It's always so fun!

~ Jennifer

I just got my order. It is amazing. :-) Thank you for such a great product. Excellent quality. I'm so pleased. :-) :-) :-)

~ Naomi

First off, you have a lovely website that was both informative and easy to navigate. I felt very confident placing my order. I was also quite impressed with your selection of patterns - for someone who's just starting the switch to cloth, it was difficult to pick out only a few!  Third, as a plus size woman, I was very happy to see that you offer many larger size options, especially in your elementals. Long panty liners have been hard to find outside of custom orders. I am very excited to try them out.  Lastly, I was pleased to see that these pads are made by a WAHM and a fellow Canadian. It gives the whole experience a much more personal feel, and it's a comfort knowing my pads are made by someone who is obviously passionate about them and that they don't have too far to travel.

~ Carolina

I have been using your pads for only 2 months now, but I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. I seem to have developed some kind of allergic reaction to disposable pads over the years, and it took me a while to figure out I simply needed to switch to reusable cloth pads. Yours are the first ones I tried and so far, they are great.  Your page about how to launder them was very helpful. I'm in a transition period right now (no pun intended) and I don't have easy access to a washing machine. When I do use it, I don't feel it does a very good job because it usually takes a few days before I wash the pad.  A soaking pot will definitely help, though. And using the shower to wash them is brilliant!  Not sure why I didn't think about it earlier, haha.

~ Genevieve

I want to say thank you for what you do!  I absolutely love my pads!  Since I have started using them, I have had less cramps, decreased flow and I have also found that the vaginal irritation that I was constantly dealing with is gone!  I swear by your products and have told several people about them!  Your website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I appreciate the fact that you are so willing to answer questions and reply in such a timely manner!  I am hooked for life!

~ Shari

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your pads. I got my order last week and have had a chance to use them already and they are just fantastic! I only ordered three just to try them out, but now I know that I will definitely be ordering more from you in the very near future! I tried one other brand of cloth pads in the past and they were not good at all. I love the way the fabric on the back side keeps them from shifting. I just can't say enough good things about them.   Thank you so much!

~ Theresa

I just wanted to take the time to say that out of all the washable pads seller websites I've come across, yours has been the best. The website is clear, there are so many patterns to chose from and as a student with not much to my name, the prices are at an excellent range. I also noticed a donation page that I will surely take the time to use once I receive my order. I hope this month will be the last time I have to purchase a disposable...Thank you for running such a great business!

~ Alicia

I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with my New Moon Pads. I ordered the bundle last year, and I quite literally haven't looked back - I haven't bought a single pack of disposables since!  Again, thank you so much for making these wonderful pads, and increasing the quality of life of women everywhere. You're awesome! :)

~ A.F.

I just wanted to thank you Renee and tell you I am going to recommend your products to my friends.  I just started my moon time and got to test the gift of moon pads my hubby gave me for Xmas and I am overjoyed.  I have never felt this comfortable in my life during my moon time.  The pads are so soft and soothing, they fit so well and I feel safe, secure in the knowledge that they will contain all that needs to be contained.  They are of such high quality, so cute as well, you sent me some great patterns!  I am thrilled to have discovered such a high quality product and to know I need no longer pollute the environment with plastic pads.  Thank you for your wonderful service.

~ Kate

Just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with the Ultra Pads from New Moon Pads.  I am new to this cloth pad thing :) and ordered some from a few other companies.  Yours are by far superior in comfort and quality.  I absolutely love them.  They are my "go to" pads and I pick you for my orders from now on!  Thank-you.

~ Sharon

Just thought I'd send a thank you. I was hoping cloth pads would be a good option for me - I have really sensitive skin and I wondered if there was something in paper products that was causing irritation.  Plus, I'm a nature lover and hated adding to the local landfill. It's not like garbage just disappears when it leaves my house.  Anyway, my first order from you... I was giving it an honest try, but a little skeptical that it really would be a better experience overall. I remember my grandmother talking about how great it was to have disposable products, compared to when she was young and they had cloth. She was not a fan.  After trying it out for myself, now I'm totally sold. These are fantastic. Thanks for making such a great product. I'm sure it's partly the quality construction that won me over. I think even my grandmother would be convinced. I think it was the extra load of laundry she really disliked. :-)  So between your quality made pads and a modern washing machine, this is a breeze.  Thanks again. And thanks also for donating some of the proceeds to those who need these pads the most.

~ Wendy

My daughter is 18. The first pads I bought were for her and are the only things she has ever used for her periods.  She just asked me to get more. By the way she is a dancer and a dance teacher.  She is in the studio at least 5 nights per week and has even had to compete using your pads. Nobody has ever detected them. I feel so good about the fact that she has never had to use nasty disposables!  I wish I would have known about cloth when I was young! It would have saved me years of $$$ and pain. I am amazed at how many years they last.

~ Marina

I've tried numerous companies to start my stash and make the switch to cloth.  I can say the quality of materials and workmanship of your products always exceeds my expectations when others often fail. Your customer service is exceptional. Also you actually have sales regularly,  making New Moon Pads available to any budget! I've had many friends ask how to start with cloth and which brands they should try and my first recommendation is always New Moon Pads, as they're sure to have a positive experience!

~ Becky

New Moon Pads are the second brand of cloth pads I've tried. I was discouraged by the first brand's propensity to side leak; I have heavy periods, and I could only wear those pads at home, and had to change them frequently. Eventually, I decided to try Renee's Ultra Pad design. If they couldn't stop the side leaks, I'd give up, and resign myself to the paper-and-glue wedgies of disposables.  My expectations were less than optimistic, but I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. In spite of the fact that every pad was sewn just for me, they arrived a day sooner than I thought was possible. They were thinner than the previous brand, but more absorbent! That really blew my mind. And best of all, no side leaks whatsoever. I finally have a brand of comfortable cloth pads that I can wear to work, and that makes all the difference.  Now I'm saving money, eliminating waste, and having a more comfortable period. I also love the fact that I'm supporting a Canadian business, and that because my order was over $99, a pad was donated to Days For Girls. A great experience all around! Thanks Renee!

~ Liz

I absolutely love your pads!! I was so skeptical at first, but I finally had my first cycle since having babies last year and the pads were wonderful. So much better than disposables. And very easy to wash; I just threw them in with the diapers and they came out super clean. No extra soaking needed. I am now recommending them to all my girlfriends.  Thanks again!

~ Gina

Your pads made a huge difference in my quality of life, as I had very heavy periods. You saved my clothes, my bedding, my guilt (at throwing away so many disposable pads) and a bit of my sanity too. Thank you for your products and your customer service - both are excellent and I have recommended you to many people.

~ Sara

I went to the pad drawer thinking it's time to step down from Full Moon to the next size down now, but the next Full Moon pad in line was my favorite print.  Fortunately overkill is not wasteful in cloth pad world.  I love that.  Back in disposable world I felt bad if I used a bigger pad than I needed, or changed a pad before it was all used up, but now I take it for granted that I can have as much protection as I want and it doesn't hurt anything.  Going out?  You get a fresh pad, even if the one you have on is only 30 minutes "old".  It's just not a big deal any more.

~ Kristin

I have just started using cloth pads in the last few weeks and I am totally impressed and pleased with New Moon Pads. My first cycle wearing them was very comfortable and a lot better than with disposables. I have done searching for other companies but I am going to make my whole stash New Moon Pads because of the awesome products and customer service that I have received from Renee.  I even told my mother about the pads and she placed an order for them herself as well.  As soon as she received them, she knew that she needed more and ordered more so she doesn’t have to wear disposable liners anymore.  I also like that this is a Canadian company and the shipping is very reasonable as well.  Thank-you for the great product, I love my New Moon Pads.  :)

~ Holly

I'm trying so hard to reduce my plastic consumption, and tea bag wrappers are just one of the many things that have hidden plastic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  For making cloth pads!  I started using mine since my last period ended, and it has made a HUGE difference.  I have always had terrible periods, very painful, but when I started my period this morning, it's amazing the difference I am feeling.  I'm usually curled up in a ball, holding my stomach, waiting for the pain medication to kick in.  But this morning I'm not!  I still feel some pain and it is bearable, but totally not as bad as it usually is.  It's incredible!  :)  Thanks again!   :) :)

~ Jane

My mom refused to consider any kind of personal protection until I sent her some of these pads. She was embarrassed and refused to talk about her problem. She loves these pads so much, she "over-shares" with people now.

~ Kristin (re personal/incontinence pads)

I just wanted to let you know that the order I recently placed has already arrived. I was overjoyed that they got here so quickly! I mean….Canada isn’t a quick jaunt from TN and it’s only been a few days!! :)  The pads are delightful; soft, soothing, comfortable ...and almost too pretty to use! Ha! I have always used the winged variety out of habit, I guess, but after many faithful years of use, feel that the wingless would stay in place just as well. Perhaps I’ll try those next time. I want to thank you for making a quality product and for being so quick and professional with your service. That’s a real testimony to your work ethic in today’s world filled with rude, slack customer service!  Thank you for all you do! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

~ Ledonna

I just wanted to say that a friend told me about your site and so I finally decided to try them.  Got four now and used them a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  Pleasantly surprised and love how they feel and, most important, how absorbent they are!!!  Great work ...thank you for all you do in ensuring our comfort!

~ Melissa :o)

I have just received my New Moon Pads today and oh my word I was blown away! So impressed. They are made of such high quality and are beautiful. I have ordered some from other sites and yours are the best! I love the  wing tabs they are a brilliant idea rather than wings on the whole of the pad, I have some others which have that and they tend to bunch up and pull in different directions but yours sit nice and flat and stay in place, I also got a wingless one and it is fantastic as well and stays in place :)  I also love the patterns and will be ordering more!  I love my New Moon Pads.

~ Hannah

Back when I first got started on reusable pads I bought several different brands to try them. Yours are absolutely the best out of all of them.  Time to stock up again!

~ Denise



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~ Suzanne

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