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I want to say thank you for what you do!  I absolutely love my pads!  Since I have started using them, I have had less cramps, decreased flow and I have also found that the vaginal irritation that I was constantly dealing with is gone!  I swear by your products and have told several people about them!  Your website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I appreciate the fact that you are so willing to answer questions and reply in such a timely manner!  I am hooked for life!
 ~ Shari

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your pads. I got my order last week and have had a chance to use them already and they are just fantastic! I only ordered three just to try them out, but now I know that I will definitely be ordering more from you in the very near future! I tried one other brand of cloth pads in the past and they were not good at all. I love the way the fabric on the back side keeps them from shifting. I just can't say enough good things about them.   Thank you so much!
 ~ Theresa 

I just wanted to take the time to say that out of all the washable pads seller websites I've come across, yours has been the best. The website is clear, there are so many patterns to chose from and as a student with not much to my name, the prices are at an excellent range. I also noticed a donation page that I will surely take the time to use once I receive my order. I hope this month will be the last time I have to purchase a disposable...Thank you for running such a great business!
 ~ Alicia 

I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with my New Moon Pads. I ordered the bundle last year, and I quite literally haven't looked back - I haven't bought a single pack of disposables since!  Again, thank you so much for making these wonderful pads, and increasing the quality of life of women everywhere. You're awesome! :)
 ~ A.F. 

I just wanted to thank you Renee and tell you I am going to recommend your products to my friends.  I just started my moon time and got to test the gift of moon pads my hubby gave me for Xmas and I am overjoyed.  I have never felt this comfortable in my life during my moon time.  The pads are so soft and soothing, they fit so well and I feel safe, secure in the knowledge that they will contain all that needs to be contained.  They are of such high quality, so cute as well, you sent me some great patterns!  I am thrilled to have discovered such a high quality product and to know I need no longer pollute the environment with plastic pads.  Thank you for your wonderful service.
 ~ Kate 

Just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with the Ultra Pads from New Moon Pads.  I am new to this cloth pad thing :) and ordered some from a few other companies.  Yours are by far superior in comfort and quality.  I absolutely love them.  They are my "go to" pads and I pick you for my orders from now on!  Thank-you. 
 ~ Sharon 

Just thought I'd send a thank you. I was hoping cloth pads would be a good option for me - I have really sensitive skin and I wondered if there was something in paper products that was causing irritation.  Plus, I'm a nature lover and hated adding to the local landfill. It's not like garbage just disappears when it leaves my house.  Anyway, my first order from you... I was giving it an honest try, but a little skeptical that it really would be a better experience overall. I remember my grandmother talking about how great it was to have disposable products, compared to when she was young and they had cloth. She was not a fan.  After trying it out for myself, now I'm totally sold. These are fantastic. Thanks for making such a great product. I'm sure it's partly the quality construction that won me over. I think even my grandmother would be convinced. I think it was the extra load of laundry she really disliked. :-)  So between your quality made pads and a modern washing machine, this is a breeze.  Thanks again. And thanks also for donating some of the proceeds to those who need these pads the most.
  ~ Wendy

My daughter is 18. The first pads I bought were for her and are the only things she has ever used for her periods.  She just asked me to get more. By the way she is a dancer and a dance teacher.  She is in the studio at least 5 nights per week and has even had to compete using your pads. Nobody has ever detected them. I feel so good about the fact that she has never had to use nasty disposables!  I wish I would have known about cloth when I was young! It would have saved me years of $$$ and pain. I am amazed at how many years they last.
  ~ Marina

I've tried numerous companies to start my stash and make the switch to cloth.  I can say the quality of materials and workmanship of your products always exceeds my expectations when others often fail. Your customer service is exceptional. Also you actually have sales regularly,  making New Moon Pads available to any budget! I've had many friends ask how to start with cloth and which brands they should try and my first recommendation is always New Moon Pads, as they're sure to have a positive experience!
  ~ Becky

New Moon Pads are the second brand of cloth pads I've tried. I was discouraged by the first brand's propensity to side leak; I have heavy periods, and I could only wear those pads at home, and had to change them frequently. Eventually, I decided to try Renee's Ultra Pad design. If they couldn't stop the side leaks, I'd give up, and resign myself to the paper-and-glue wedgies of disposables.  My expectations were less than optimistic, but I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. In spite of the fact that every pad was sewn just for me, they arrived a day sooner than I thought was possible. They were thinner than the previous brand, but more absorbent! That really blew my mind. And best of all, no side leaks whatsoever. I finally have a brand of comfortable cloth pads that I can wear to work, and that makes all the difference.  Now I'm saving money, eliminating waste, and having a more comfortable period. I also love the fact that I'm supporting a Canadian business, and that because my order was over $99, a pad was donated to Days For Girls. A great experience all around! Thanks Renee!
  ~ Liz

I absolutely love your pads!! I was so skeptical at first, but I finally had my first cycle since having babies last year and the pads were wonderful. So much better than disposables. And very easy to wash; I just threw them in with the diapers and they came out super clean. No extra soaking needed. I am now recommending them to all my girlfriends.  Thanks again! 
  ~ Gina

Your pads made a huge difference in my quality of life, as I had very heavy periods. You saved my clothes, my bedding, my guilt (at throwing away so many disposable pads) and a bit of my sanity too. Thank you for your products and your customer service - both are excellent and I have recommended you to many people.
  ~ Sara

I went to the pad drawer thinking it's time to step down from Full Moon to the next size down now, but the next Full Moon pad in line was my favorite print.  Fortunately overkill is not wasteful in cloth pad world.  I love that.  Back in disposable world I felt bad if I used a bigger pad than I needed, or changed a pad before it was all used up, but now I take it for granted that I can have as much protection as I want and it doesn't hurt anything.  Going out?  You get a fresh pad, even if the one you have on is only 30 minutes "old".  It's just not a big deal any more. 
  ~ Kristin

I have just started using cloth pads in the last few weeks and I am totally impressed and pleased with New Moon Pads. My first cycle wearing them was very comfortable and a lot better than with disposables. I have done searching for other companies but I am going to make my whole stash New Moon Pads because of the awesome products and customer service that I have received from Renee.  I even told my mother about the pads and she placed an order for them herself as well.  As soon as she received them, she knew that she needed more and ordered more so she doesn’t have to wear disposable liners anymore.  I also like that this is a Canadian company and the shipping is very reasonable as well.  Thank-you for the great product, I love my New Moon Pads.  :)
  ~ Holly

tanzi.lynn  Aaahhhhh! 
I was just wondering if these existed! I'd love some of these.
I'm trying so hard to reduce my plastic consumption, and tea bag wrappers are just one of the many
things that have hidden plastic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  For making cloth pads!  I started using mine since my last period ended, and it has made a HUGE difference.  I have always had terrible periods, very painful, but when I started my period this morning, it's amazing the difference I am feeling.  I'm usually curled up in a ball, holding my stomach, waiting for the pain medication to kick in.  But this morning I'm not!  I still feel some pain and it is bearable, but totally not as bad as it usually is.  It's incredible!  :)  Thanks again!   :) :)
  ~ Jane

My mom refused to consider any kind of personal protection until I sent her some of these pads. She was embarrassed and refused to talk about her problem. She loves these pads so much, she "over-shares" with people now.
 ~ Kristin (re personal/incontinence pads)

I just wanted to let you know that the order I recently placed has already arrived. I was overjoyed that they got here so quickly! I mean….Canada isn’t a quick jaunt from TN and it’s only been a few days!! :)  The pads are delightful; soft, soothing, comfortable………and almost too pretty to use! Ha! I have always used the winged variety out of habit, I guess, but after many faithful years of use, feel that the wingless would stay in place just as well. Perhaps I’ll try those next time. I want to thank you for making a quality product and for being so quick and professional with your service. That’s a real testimony to your work ethic in today’s world filled with rude, slack customer service!  Thank you for all you do! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!
 ~ Ledonna

I just wanted to say that a friend told me about your site and so I finally decided to try them.  Got four now and used them a couple of weeks ago for the first time.  Pleasantly surprised and love how they feel and, most important, how absorbent they are!!!  Great work...thank you for all you do in ensuring our comfort!
  ~ Melissa :o)

I have just received my New Moon Pads today and oh my word I was blown away! So impressed. They are made of such high quality and are beautiful. I have ordered some from other sites and yours are the best! I love the  wing tabs they are a brilliant idea rather than wings on the whole of the pad, I have some others which have that and they tend to bunch up and pull in different directions but yours sit nice and flat and stay in place, I also got a wingless one and it is fantastic as well and stays in place :)  I also love the patterns and will be ordering more!  I love my New Moon Pads.
  ~ Hannah

Back when I first got started on reusable pads I bought several different brands to try them. Yours are absolutely the best out of all of them.  Time to stock up again!
  ~ Denise

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your bed pads are.  Being menopausal, I never know what is going to happen, and have had numerous surprises, going from 0 to 60, when I should have slept on a towel, but didn't because it was so uncomfortable.  Your pads are excellent, and I am so glad to have found them!  Thanks for you and your splendid products.
  ~ Caren

I just wanted to say how much I love your pads, they are so comfortable and soft. As a new user of cloth pads I was a little nervous of using cloth at work (one of my jobs is very physically demanding) but your product held up AMAZINGLY! I love that you have such a huge assortment of fabric choices that make this time a fun time and I can see the pride that you put into your work with the quality of your finished product. I also love your great customer communication. You are truly a pleasure to do business with and my only regret is that I didn't find you sooner as I was starting my cloth pad journey and began ordering from various companies as I can honestly say that I would be perfectly happy using just your product. Thank you so much for a quality Canadian product and for creating a welcoming place of business.
  ~ Adrienne

Just thought I would send some positive feedback your way. I have never felt so clean, dry, and comfortable as I have with your pads. I am recommending them to every menstruating woman I know. I look forward to the day when I've bought enough pads that I never have to use disposables again!  Thanks and keep up the good work :)
  ~ Audrey M.

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