Philanthropy Pads
Hardship Relief
Period Packs

For every order over $99, New Moon Pads will donate a pad, panty liner, or carry bag to the Hardship Relief Period Packs to help out less fortunate sisters.  You too can help by donating 
pads at discount (price is per pad).

Packs consist of three assorted
pads in a Ziploc style leakproof 
bag packaged in a cotton carry 
bag.  All are hand washable and 
hang dry in a very short time 
for fast turnaround wear 
time.  Once assembled, these 
packs measure 7” x 4” x 2 1/2” and 
weigh just 2 1/2 oz (70 gm), making 
them lightweight, discreet, and easily 

Non Profit Organizations
CLICK HERE to apply 
to receive free Hardship Relief Period Packs.
Must have a charitable registration number.

If you would like to run a pad donation promotion for your organization, contact me to register and 
I will set up a custom page with your information and donation buttons.  Once it’s active I will send you the link which you can then give out (whether directly or via your own website, blog, etc.) to promote pad donations to your project.

Ishtar  ~ /ˈɪʃtɑː/  ~ noun
goddess of love, fertility, and war
Feminist leaders working together locally to eliminate violence against women globally.

May 2018
30 Period Packs headed to Ishtar Transition Housing Society.

In the past New Moon Pads has sponsored Days For Girls to support sisters in need with thousands of pad donations.  It’s been amazing working with this wonderful organization from their modest inception to the huge worldwide force they have become.  As they now have hundreds (if not thousands) of volunteers helping them to supply impoverished women in need worldwide I felt it was time to branch out and open up donations to other less supported organizations (ie., women’s shelters, homeless shelters, etc.).  Through these philanthropic endeavours, New Moon Pads is committed to helping women suffering hardship due to disaster, economic, or personal misfortune.