Hardship Relief Period Packs
Pads, wipes, and bags are hand washable and hang dry in a very short time for fast turnaround wear time.  Feminine wipes can also be used as foldable panty liners, or pad doublers for heavier flow.  Once assembled, these packs measure 7” x 4” x 2 1/2” and weigh just 4 oz (110 gm), making them lightweight and easily portable.

Pad Component #1
1 Washable Pad
1 Cloth Feminine Wipe

Pad Component #2
1 Washable Pad
1 Cloth Feminine Wipe

Pad Component #3
1 Washable Pad
1 Cloth Feminine Wipe

Storage Component
1 Drawstring Carry Bag
3 Ziploc Leakproof Bags

Reg Retail Value:  $60
Orders placed for pad donations do not count towards totals for free shipping on personal orders.
In the past we have sponsored Days For Girls through our philanthropic endeavors.  It’s been amazing working with this wonderful organization from their modest conception to the huge worldwide force they have become.  As they now have hundreds (if not thousands) of volunteers helping them to supply impoverished women in need worldwide we feel it is time to open up our donations to other less supported organizations helping women suffering hardship due to disaster or economic misfortune.  Hence the inception of our Hardship Relief Period Packs.  A combination of your generous donations and our ongoing promotions and donations will help women who do not have access to even the most basic feminine hygiene supplies due to circumstances beyond their control.  

Non Profit Hardship Relief Organizations
CLICK HERE to apply 
To Receive Hardship Relief Period Packs

250 New Moon Pads distributed in August in Ebe, Nigeria care of Yoga Without Borders.

3,444 Philanthropy Pads Donated To Date
Through a combination of customer 
and New Moon Pads company donations.