Step 2
Choose the pad 
styles/sizes you would 
like and add them to the 
cart  (minimum 3 pads).
Step 1
Add a carry bag
 or pad pouch.
Bundled Sets
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)
1 Maiden (XS)
Menstruating for the first time is an exciting time in a young woman’s life.  This custom pack gives a nice sampling of sizes to test out which size best suits the different stages of your period and helps you get acquainted with cloth pads.

1 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental
Supreme Goddess 
1 Sleeper (XL)
3 Full Moon (L)
2 New Moon (M)
2 Elemental Long
Whether you’re menstruating for the first time, an experienced 
Moon Goddess, or bringing a new little one into the world, these bundled sets have been designed to suit most needs.  

Bundled sets are discounted because time is saved by working with one print and wing option rather than jumping from print to print so when I save time, you save money.  To choose individual pad prints, please use the single pad purchase buttons on the main pads page.
1 New Moon (M)
3 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental
2 Ultra Sleeper (XL)
3 Sleeper (XL)
1 Matching Carry Bag
1 Sleeper (XL)
1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)
Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts.  That’s what little girls are made of, the heck with sugar and spice.
- Bethany Hamilton
Trial Packs
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New To Moon Time Starter Set
Maiden and Goddess Bundles
Postpartum Bundle
1 Full Moon (L)
3 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Elemental
Select your print choice and
wing option, then add the 1 cent
custom bundle fee to the cart
to activate your preferences.
Build Your Own 
Custom Bundle

Can’t find a pre made bundle that exactly suits your preferences and needs?  No worries.  Now you can create your own.  You save 99 cents per pad after adding the custom bundle fee.  The more pads you 
add, the more money you save.  

Minimum 3 pads, all one print, 
all one wing option.
Trial Packs are the perfect way to test out several different sizes to see what works best for your needs before investing in a full stash, or for simply adding to an existing stash at discounted prices.