25 Pads
25 Pad Combi-Pack
Bundled Sets
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)
1 Maiden (XS)

1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)

1 Sleeper (XL)
1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
1 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental 

Menstruating for the
first time is an exciting
time in a young
woman’s life.  This
custom pack gives a
nice sampling of sizes to
test out which size best suits the
different stages of your period and
helps you get acquainted with cloth pads.
1 Full Moon (L)
4 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Elemental
Supreme Goddess 
1 Sleeper (XL)
4 Full Moon (L)
2 New Moon (M)
2 Elemental Long
Winged Goddess Bundle shown.
Winged Regular Trial Pack shown.
Winged set shown.

Each bundled set is custom-made to your specified fabric and wing option preferences.

New To
Moon Time
Starter Set
Trial Packs
1 New Moon (M)
4 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental
Maiden and Goddess Bundles

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3 Sleeper (XL)

3 Ultra Sleeper (XL)

Postpartum Bundle
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Bulk Classic Pads

5 Maiden (XS)

5 Moon Light (S)

5 New Moon (M)

5 Full Moon (L)

5 Sleeper (XL)

in assorted randomly chosen prints.

All 25 pads are identical size and style in assorted randomly chosen prints.

Save $50