Bundled Sets
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)
1 Maiden (XS)

1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
1 Moon Light (S)
Trial Packs are a great way to test out several different sizes to see what works best for your specific needs before investing in a full stash.
Trial Packs
“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts.  That’s what little girls are made of, the heck with sugar and spice.”
- Bethany Hamilton
Postpartum Bundle
Pamper your inner goddess.
1 New Moon (M)
3 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental

1 Full Moon (L)
3 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Elemental
Maiden and
Goddess Bundles
2 Ultra Sleeper (XL)
3 Classic Sleeper (XL)
“Week Pack” 
Elemental Panty Liners
7 Matching Liners
Supreme Goddess 
1 Sleeper (XL)
3 Full Moon (L)
2 New Moon (M)
2 Elemental Long
Cloth pads can help ease discomfort and irritation after childbirth.  
PAD TIP:  Chilling a pad in the freezer prior to use helps to soothe tender swollen sensitive areas.
Did You Know?
Cloth pads pay for themselves in just 1-2 
years from the cost of disposables and last up to 10 years, which means you get 8-9 years of cost free menstrual protection.

Bundled sets make buying easy and economical.

1 Sleeper (XL)
1 Full Moon (L)
1 New Moon (M)
“Week Pack” 
Thong Panty Liners
7 Matching Liners
Photo Gallery
Well if you’re going to do a thong bundle, you should do a granny panties bundle too 
[big smirky grin]

ME:  [withering death stare]
A whole 
new take 
on “freeze 
your butt off”

[eye roll]

Because sometimes Mother Nature comes calling early.

1 Moon Light (S)
3 Maiden (XS)
3 Elemental Panty Liners
Pre-Teen Starter Set
Menstruating for 
the first time is an exciting time in a young woman’s life.  This custom pack gives a nice sampling of sizes to test out which size best suits the different stages of your period and helps you get acquainted with cloth pads.
1 New Moon (M)
2 Moon Light (S)
2 Maiden (XS)
2 Elemental Panty Liners
New To Moon Time 
Starter Set

USD CADhttp://www.newmoonpads.com/FAQ.htmlshapeimage_41_link_0
7 Elemental
6 Maiden (XS)
12 Moon Light (S)
4 New Moon (M)
2 Full Moon (L)
Full Pad Stash
7 Elemental
6 Moon Light (S)
10 New Moon (M)
4 Full Moon (L)
4 Sleeper (XL)
Tall / Plus 
7 Elemental Long
6 New Moon (M)
12 Full Moon (L)
6 Sleeper (XL)
Shopping Simplified

With the full pad stash you can choose one print for the whole stash using the drop down option in the purchase box, or a different print for each pad size (5 prints for petite, 5 prints for average, or 4 prints for tall / plus).  If you would like to go with multiple prints, just email me which prints you would like for which pad sizes and I will be happy to accommodate you.

And for a limited time you get your choice of a FREE GIFT with the full pad stash!mailto:reneemck@gmail.com?subject=Full%20Pad%20Stash%20Print%20Choicesshapeimage_47_link_0